Frequently Asked Questions
Lake Stevens Mini Storage

Q.Do you require insurance?

A.Yes, we do require all tenants insure their stored goods. Our storage office offers insurance through a third party (SBOATI) that you can conveniently pay with your storage rent or you can bring in proof of insurance (IE. Declarations page) when completing the rental paperwork.

Q.What is a drive-up unit?

A.A drive-up unit is like a garage. You can drive right up to it and unload from your truck or car into the unit without having to walk up a hallway. The door rolls up just like a garage door.

Q.Are your storage units heated?

A.Our storage units are not heated. The term “heated” in the storage industry simply means they are kept at a temperature above freezing. Heated units do not necessarily control moisture. If you have leather, suede, or fine paintings in any storage unit – heated or unheated – we recommend using a product such as Damp-Rid for added protection. Most furnishings do not require this step.

Q.What about security?

A.Lake Stevens Mini Storage is completely enclosed by security fencing. Only tenants with a valid gate code are able to access our computer controlled security gates. We have a manager who lives onsite, so there is always someone here in case of emergency. The entire facility is also under video surveillance.

Q.Do you offer RV/boat/car/motorcycle parking?

A.Lake Stevens Mini Storage has some outside uncovered 10’ x 20’ parking spaces as well as enclosed storage units large enough to house a car or small boat. Call us for availability and pricing.

Q.What's the difference between office hours and gate hours?

A.Gate hours are the hours that tenants are able to get through the security gates to access their units. Our gates are available from 5 a.m. until 9 p.m. every day of the year. If you get trapped behind the gates after they de-activate, our resident manager can let you out. Office hours are the hours in which a member of the management team is on duty in the office to answer questions, take payments or sell supplies. The office is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily with occasional lunch breaks. The office is closed on major holidays but the gates are operational every day of the year.

Q.How do I make payments?

A.It’s easy to make payments at Lake Stevens Mini Storage. Most customers opt to pay online in our virtual office. Simply go to our website and enter your unit number and gate code to set up your account. You can pay in the office, over the phone with a credit card or by mail with a check. You can also set up auto-pay and never have to worry about missing a payment.

Q.When I decide to move out, do I have to give any advance notice?

A.We do ask that you give us advanced notice if you plan to move out. This especially important if you have auto-pay set up so we can be sure to de-activate it. Ideally we would like 30-days written or emailed notice but understand this is not always possible.

Q.Do you pro-rate out?

A.We are happy to calculate your final payment to reflect a specific move-out date. But the responsibility is with you to contact us to get this figure. We do not give refunds on unused rent, so if you pay your unit in advance, then decide you don’t need that many days, no refund will be given. Please call us to discuss your options if you think you may be moving in the near future.

Q.What sizes are available and how do I know what I need?

A.Lake Stevens Mini Storage offers a variety of unit sizes from 5’ x 5’ (or standard coat closet size) up to 12’ x 32’ (storage bays that could fit a boat or a whole house of furniture). The key thing to remember when calculating your storage needs is that you can stack things to make more room.

Q.Do I have to buy insurance from you to rent a unit?

A.Our storage buildings are insured but the contents are not. We leave it up to you whether you want to purchase insurance to cover your possessions. Many people already have storage coverage included their home owners or renter’s insurance policies. We have brochures for individual storage insurance policies available in the office.

Q.Do you have moving trucks?

A.Lake Stevens Mini Storage is a part of the U-Haul dealer network and you can usually pick up a U-Haul truck or trailer right onsite. Need a truck to move to another city? In town? Or just need a trailer to move some bark? We can answer all of your truck and trailer rental questions.

Q.Do you have moving supplies?

A.Our office at Lake Stevens Mini Storage stocks a variety of moving products to meet your moving and storage needs – from boxes to bubble wrap, mattress bags and more.

Q.Do you have movers to help me move?

A.No, we do not have movers but we can recommend some good local movers that can even help you move items between storage units. Stop by our office for more information!